Wine and Food

As the successor to chef Dieter Müller, Nils Henkelapplied his experience in the Lerbach gourmet kitchen to design his Pure Nature menu with strong accents on artistry and quality. Mr. Henkel uses a broad spectrum of aromas and herbs to enhance his signature fish and seafood specialities. His culinary creations offer a perfect balance of various aromas, textures, and temperatures; his refined presentations are works of art. Nils Henkel only cooks with the highest quality products and ingredients, promising his diners a singularly authentic culinary experience.

Thomas Sommer presents the perfect wines to enhance Nils Henkel’s menu, creating unmatched taste sensations for the restaurant’s international clientele. Together, Henkel and Sommer have elevated the gourmet dining experience to a new level.


Nils Henkel's cookbook "Pure Nature"

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