Press review

° Interview at market research magazine "Forschung und Lehre"    
by Felix Grigat (September 2012)

° Report at the Journal "Sächsische Zeitung" by Grit Mocci  (11./12. August 2012)

° Interview at Divino Sabores by Carlos Marcendos  Winemagazin from Brazil  (March/April 2012)

° Interview at Lebensraum  (April 2012)

° Interview at Dionysos  Sommeliermagazin Alto Adige       (February 2012)

° Interview at Sommeliermagazin by Kristine Bäder 
(August/ September 2011)

° Interview at Top Hotel by Kirsten Posautz (June 2011)

° Interview at "" by Jens Priewe 
(11. June 2011)

° Press release Trophy "Best German Sommelier" by the german Sommelier Association and Relais & Château Germany
(24. May 2011)


° Portrait at the Generalanzeiger, Bonn "Probezeit im Wein-Universum" written by Caro Maurer MW 
(2./3. October 2010)

°Interview with Sommelier Thomas Sommer at "Feinschmecker" Bookazine No.15 von Gabriele Heins 
(April 2009)


° Interview at the AGHZ Nr.2003/25 
(21. June 2003)

Reviews from Various Critics:

‘‘Head Sommelier Thomas Sommer, who has an exhaustive knowledge of wines, sparkles when he describes niche wines of excellent quality. We can still smell the heavenly aroma of a splendid Sauvignon Blanc from the Roussillon region. A soulful complement to the fish and pork . . .”[Restaurant Critique from GAULT MILLAU, Germany, 2010]

‘‘Schlosshotel Lerbach has an excellent wine cellar, overseen by sommelier Thomas Sommer and his outstanding wine expertise.”
[Klocke Verlag:]

‘‘The quality of the restaurant is matched by the integrity of the wine list.”
[Feinschmecker 2007/08, 5P]

‘‘Thomas Sommer, selected in December 2008 by the Frankfurter Allgemein Sonntagszeitung as ‘Sommelier of the Year’ has convinced everyone that future wine awards and competitions will be strenthened by his participation.”

‘‘Thomas Sommer, the young sommelier, provokes plenty of controversy with his wine advice. Finally, we once again have a sommelier with convictions, someone we can trust, who is neither  afraid to stick with traditions nor break them.”[Helmut Gote, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Restaurant Critic]

‘‘What Sommer recommends isn’t just the perfect match for the meal—it also adds new facets to the aromas and flavors.”
[Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, 21.12.2008]

‘‘When presented with the chice of kings, sometimes it’s best to let an expert make a recommendation. Everything Sommer pours into your glass will be a perfect match.” [Lotte Becker-Voss, Destination Magazine, PMI Publishing]

‘‘How does a sommelier decide what goes with the vegetable course? Answer: Ask Thomas Sommer. He does it with German elegance and panache—the restaurant has taken care to serve wines from Sommer’s homeland.” [Wine journalist Carsten Henn fort he European wine magazine Vinum;]


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