GAULT MILLAU 2013                "Sommelier of the Year"

Mainz, 8th November 2012

The probably most illustive award for Sommeliers in Germany and considered the most important and significant is certainly the award for the "Sommelier of the Year" by GAULT MILLAU.

The German subsidiary of the French GALUT MILLAU is rating German restaurants since 1983 and is one of the most influential critics of publications in the country. In 1993 it was joined by the wine guide and with it the awards for the "Sommelier of the Year".

The fact that I got the honor to get awarded this title, makes me a little speechless and very thankful. I would not have dared to dream this, espacially since it was unthinkable for me, to get added to this illustrious circle.

It  is a title, which would be impossible without a great team in servie and cuisine. A title that I understand as recognition for the intensive, high quality and dynamic cooperation with Nils Henkel and his team.  Thanks to its high understanding of the combination of wine and cuisine, exciting and energetic combinations are possible at all. Moreover, I find great support in my sommelier and service team with which I can share new approaches. They all deserve my heartfelt thanks for this unique success!


Previous winners:

Paula Bosch (1988)
Joel Payne (1989)
Pedro Sandvoss (1990)
Claudia Schlegel (1991)
Markus del Monego (1992)
Bernd Kreis (1993)
Dirk Cannova (1994)
Susanne Juchems (1995)
Alfred Voigt (1996)
Stéphane Gass (1997)
Marie-Helen Krebs (1998)
Hendrik Thoma (1999)
Jürgen Fendt (2000)
Christina Fischer (2001)
Rakhshan Zhouleh (2002)
Kai Schattner (2003)
Susanne Spies (2004)
Christina Göbel (2005)
Stefan Weise (2006)
Evangelos Pattas (2007)
Stéphane Thuriot (2008)
Hagen Hoppenstedt (2009)
Melanie Wagner (2010)
Gunnar Tietz (2011)
Magdalena Brandstätter (2012)